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Clarissa Lupton

Hi, I’m Clarissa the founder of Team I Can Do Anything.  I am currently ranked #5 in the Nation for online Health & Wellness Coaching by Beachbody but not for long. Our goal is to be #1 by the beginning of Summer and we’d like you to be a part of it. Determine which Challenge Pack is best for you. Make a commitment and you will have all of us for inspiration and accountability absolutely free, forever! You are part of a team and well–you simply can’t fail.

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When I started in the health and fitness business I was obsessed with magazine covers, television appearances and body fat percentages. I trained people so I could keep training. After a fitness competition in 1999, I traveled doing media spots and promos ready to capitalize on my 15 minutes of fame. Shortly thereafter, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Sophie and life was good. One year later, tragedy struck. I lost my 28 year-old brother to obesity and diabetes, and I felt like a fraud. I was lost. If I couldn’t save my brother then what did it all mean?

But it wasn’t just my brother, over 100 million Americans and their families suffer from the devastating effects of obesity. It may sound like a big dream, but I knew I had to do something more important than helping people get back into their favorite bikini (although, that does feel pretty great).

So I left the gym over the last 6 years and since then I’ve become deeply involved in the world of online coaching. I’ve listened, learned, and helped people from all over the world. Technology has blessed me with the opportunity to touch people’s lives and lead them from losing their first few pounds to experiencing true change–physically, mentally and spiritually. So far I’ve connected with over 60,000 people and each one is a blessing, from right here in Texas, to Africa, Europe, the UK, and even as far away as Perth Australia.

I’ve shared my voice of compassion and encouragement on stages across the US, as well as Co-host a Health & Fitness Radio Show and a web-TV Show for over 3yrs. I am proud to say, that I have helped thousands to end their nightmare dependency on alcohol, prescriptions, and ‘other’ drugs. Now they spend their money on healthy habits, like nutrition and exercise. There is nothing quite like being addicted to life.

When I am not working with Team I Can Do Anything, I am a Single Mom to an energetic, fun-spirited, and creative little girl. I workout using P90x2 and Body Beast which has given me the strength and endurance to do the things I enjoy like running, boxing and chasing after my adorable little 6th grader.

I truly love helping others and would be honored to help YOU achieve your Goals. Decide, Commit, and Succeed, CLICK HERE NOW! We are all in this together.

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